The European Progressive Economists Network (Euro-PEN) in cooperation with AlterSummit invites civil society organisations, social movements, networks, trade unions and political forces to a discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels on the ways out of the European crisis.

Another Road for Europe. End austerity, control finance, expand democracy

19 March 2014, 9:00-12:30

European Parliament, Brussels
Place du Luxembourg,
Building Altiero Spinelli, Room ASP 1G-2

Participant organisations
The European Progressive Economists Network (Euro-PEN) members
EuroMemorandum, Economistes Atterrés, Sbilanciamoci ! Transnational Institute, EconoNuestra, Econosphere, Transform !, Beigewum, Critical Political Economy Network
Other organisations
AlterSummit/Joint Social Conference, Memorandum Group Germany

Presentation of the event

On the eve of the European elections in May 2014 Europe is faced with the prospect of economic stagnation, rising inequality and a growing divide between the countries of the centre and the periphery while democratic processes continue to be undermined at all levels. The dominant rhetoric on the the European elections is currently polarised between the neo-liberal argument for austerity on the one hand and an anti-European populism on the other. We believe there is another road for Europe ; a Europe of democracy, of social rights, of ecological sustainability and of employment for all. There are a wide range of social and political initiatives that have been working for a different Europe. Economic policy alternatives have been put forward by the organisations involved in the European Progressive Economists Network and in the context of the forthcoming European elections we propose to open a discussion with social movements and trade unions about the policy changes that are necessary for promoting another road for Europe. These proposals will be presented at a Forum at the European Parliament on 19 March 2014 engaging progressive European political forces in a debate about the future of a democratic Europe. We propose to organise the meeting around two main sessions, one on Macroeconomic Policies and Finance and the other on Employment and Environmental Policies, and a round table on Democracy. Each session will be introduced by speakers from civil society organisations and experts’ networks who will summarise the proposals that have emerged on each topic, opening up a discussion with activists, representatives of different political forces and Members of the European Parliament. The aim is to contribute to the emergence of shared proposals for alternative policies at the European and national levels. Participants will include a wide range of civil society organisations, networks, Trade Unions, experts and intellectuals, as well as the progressive political forces in the European Parliament.

The event is hosted by Gianni Pittella – Vice President of the European Parliament –
with the participation of members of the political groups Socialists & Democrats, European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) and The Greens/European Free Alliance.

For contacts and information : Thomas Fazi (battleforeurope


9:00 Opening
Gianni Pittella – Vice President of the European Parliament ;

Confronting finance, ending austerity and the future of the euro

Creating jobs for a sustainable & just economy

Round table discussion : Democracy in Europe and economic alternatives